As an attorney, the ability to turn problems into opportunities is one of the strategies I implement in my practice every day. This has not only allowed me to differentiate myself from others in the legal field but also it has helped me grow as a person in all areas of my life.

We all face problems at one point or another in our professional lives, with our families, partner, or even friends; it’s just part of life. Avoiding them is rarely a good option, but facing them with the right attitude can make all the difference in the world and this is a choice.

So, when thinking about transforming a problem into an opportunity, we must understand that there are no infallible formulas. In fact, in my experience as a legal professional, as a mother, and as an entrepreneur, I have discovered that there are no special formulas for anything in life, but there are several fundamental principles that can help you change your perspective to find solutions and/or opportunities in the midst of what we perceive as problems. Here are a few examples:

Face the issue: Do not ignore it, turn the other cheek, or look for shortcuts. The first and the most basic concept is to accept it. Arm yourself with patience, courage and visualize the issue as a challenge, as a way to prove yourself. It is not unsolvable, it is a test. Perhaps a very hard one that will ultimately make you a better person or professional and from which you will emerge victoriously. Turning problems into opportunities implies that you are willing to face them head-on.

Step away, take a breath and reflect: Take some time to step away from the situation. Imagine it happening to someone else, and try to reflect objectively on what you would say. Make a list, create drawings, whatever you need to help you solve it. Take your time, because hasty decisions are not usually the best ones, so wait a bit to analyze the situation from a different perspective.

Lean on the experience of others: It’s your challenge, but no one says you have to solve it alone. If you don’t want to ask for help, you can research how other people have dealt with similar situations in books or on the internet. Think about friends, family members who have gone through the same thing. Think about famous people, and of course those who are a reference for you.

From experience, I can attest that changing our perspective to find opportunities in the midst of problems is no easy task. However, it is one of the most important skills you develop in life. It’s implementing an attitude, it’s about breaking down mental barriers and adopting a new way of dealing with challenges. 

Over time, when we look back and put everything we have experienced into perspective, it doesn’t seem as difficult as we initially thought it would be. Share this blog with everyone you know. I am sure they will thank you for passing it along.