Breaking a Lease

Typically, it is found that most people rent houses or apartments at some point in their lives. While it is quite straightforward to get into a rental case, it can be challenging to try and Breaking a Lease contract. It’s tougher if the contract is long-term. Fortunately, monthly rentals are more flexible.

A fixed-term lease bounds a tenant and a landlord to the entire terms of the lease, typically, for one year.
A landlord may sometimes prematurely end the lease in the event the tenant violates the lease.
An example of the violation of the lease agreement would be:


  • Not making the payments on time.
  • Damaging property on the premises.
Even if the landlord tries to Breaking a Lease contract service early for good reasons, there are still multiple state rules that he/she must comply with before terminating the tenancy.

Unless the landlord agrees to the break the lease, the tenant is legally obligated to make rent payments through the entire period of the validity of the lease. However, in some cases, there are exceptions such as if the landlord doesn’t provide habitable premises.

For monthly rental agreements, there is more flexibility compared to fixed-term leases that last a year. Under the laws of most states, the end of a monthly agreement can be established with short notice. This period is generally 30 days.

The most common reasons for breaking a lease could include:

  • Moving for a job.
  • Buying a new house.
  • Moving out for a divorce or marriage.

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