The purchase of real estate property can be very intimidating, especially if you are not represented and have little knowledge about process works. Below you will find the process broken down into a step-by-step process. As shown below, the purchase of a property is a lengthy process, but you don’t have to face it alone. At the Law Offices of Gretchen Ortiz we are prepared to guide you through this lengthy process in an effective and empathetic manner to ensure a streamline process in one of the most important steps one can undertake.


The following are the necessary steps of a real estate purchase:

1. Find the right place.

When doing so, multiple factors go into place when selecting the perfect place of residence. Most of these factors are typically related to the cost, location, and the appearance of the property. Once you’ve found the right place, the process begins. Initially, it is suggested that you acquire an attorney specialized in the ins and outs of the real estate purchase until the Florida closing.

2. Set the buying process in motion.

To do so, you would want to begin by issuing a copy of your offer of purchase to your lawyer. The attorney would be the one responsible for holding all documents necessary to complete the transaction. Typically, the buyer and seller would have their own independent lawyers to protect their interests.

3. Conduct a title search.

A title search is where all records and documents regarding the property are examined to ensure there are no title defects, liens, or any other issues against the property. If nothing out of the ordinary is found, you can proceed with the transaction.

4. Inspection of the property.

The inspection of the home is absolutely vital. Both home inspectors and pest inspectors are essential for a lasting satisfaction with your property purchase.

5. Prepare the closing documents.

Once the contract negotiations have been finalized, your real estate lawyer would begin preparing the closing documents to establish the transfer of the property. For the final closing procedure, you would be required to round up all the documents collected throughout the property buying procedure.

6. Go through everything once more like a final brief.

Once you have negotiated your final approval on the property, it is most useful to do a final walk-through before finalizing the entire buying process before the closing. The purpose of this step is to confirm that all conditions established in the sales contract have been met and there have been no damages since the initial inspection of the house.

7. Close the sale.

Closings are the most crucial activity in the purchase and sale transaction. The deed and other relevant closing documents should be prepared. Here, the title is then passed from the buyer to the seller, who then pays the final price of purchase. Once the final relevant documents have been inspected and signed, the purchaser then becomes the owner of the new property.

In a property purchase, the priority of the buyer and the seller is to see the deal go through efficiently with minimal issues.

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