Contract Disputes

A contract dispute is something that occurs when either party in a contract disagrees on terms and definitions regarding the contract. For a contract to be valid there should be a compromise and agreement between both parties about the contract. This means that either party of an agreement should have a clear understanding about every contract term. Additionally, both parties should also have a mutual understanding of the terms.
Without mutual agreements, the contract wouldn’t be valid and should be contested in the court.

In contract law, Orlando contract disputes are typically considered a breach of contract. This means that either party of the agreement has failed to perform their duty related to the contract. There are two different types of contract breaches for contract disputes. This includes:

Material breach.

A material breach may occur when a party fails to perform their contractual duties. In this case, the breach is crucial which makes the agreement or purpose of the contract irreparable.

Minor breach.

A minor breach may occur when a breach occurs by one party. However, in this case, the breach is minor and doesn’t disrupt the heart of the contract.

Common Orlando Contract disputes:

The formation of a contract can often be a long process. There are many steps and procedures to follow along the way. For a contract to be valid through formation, it should include 3 key points:

  • An offer.
  • An acceptance.
  • Some form of consideration.

During any of these steps, Orlando contract disputes may occur.

A few commonly known contract disputes include:

  • Issues may arise with drafting and the review of a contract.
  • Offer and acceptance disputes.
  • Errors concerning the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Disagreements about the meaning of certain terms in the contract.
  • Fraud or coercion.

Even if a contract is properly formed, there could be disputes about the performance of contractual duties. If a party in a contract fails to perform their end of the agreement, it can cause a legal dispute to arise. When this happens, Orlando contract disputes then lead to the courts being involved.


A few remedies to Orlando contract disputes include:

  • Legal remedies involving monetary damages that are awarded to the plaintiff for their losses.
  • Equitable remedies which involve parties taking certain actions to correct contractual disputes.
  • In many cases, plaintiff parties would be able to choose between legal or equitable remedies for their losses.

There are multiple chances of disputes arising due to parties being unclear about the terms of a contract. This can even boil down to a single word included. A few tips to avoid contract disputes include:

Document negotiations along the way.

While it may be difficult to come to an agreement, it is essential to be clear about the contract goal and know what you want.

Watch for changes.

Be very clear on what you require to help avoid errors.
Most importantly – hire an attorney.

Contract disputes can involve multiple legal concepts.

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