If you’re wondering about eviction, there’s a simple key concept to keep in mind. If your landlord wants to evict you from your place of residence, he/she should be able to prove in court that you have done something to violate your rental agreement. There are multiple rules and procedures for a landlord to pursue an eviction against his tenant. However, these procedures may vary from state to state. In some states, there are procedures for evictions to be filed in small claim courts. These courts are very user-friendly they are not only for lawyers, but also tenants and landlords. Because of this, it is quite common for landlords and tenants in these states to be as involved as they can in proceedings without lawyers.

However, in many states, the filing of an eviction is done in regular courts. In these procedures, various rules are governed under the state’s particular law. When you appear in these courts for an Orlando eviction, you are treated in the same standard as a lawyer. This means that if you’re unaware as to how to properly document proceedings, the judge might now allow you to present it at all – no matter how important the case is.


As mentioned earlier, the landlord needs to follow all the necessary rules to evict a tenant. For example, if your landlord claims that his/her tenant has broken the rental agreement by having a pet in the apartment, you would be required to prove that you didn’t (if so). In these cases, however, you might require the assistance of a witness to testify that you didn’t have a pet or show prove that there aren’t any damage sin the property that are pet related. The services of a qualified lawyer would be able to help you prepare your case to avoid being evicted through inaccurate assumptions.

The most important concern you may have when it comes to an eviction is that you could be losing your home. As a tenant, you would not only be losing your home, but would also be faced with the disadvantage of having to find a new place to reside in. Additionally, there would be costs of moving, disconnecting all utilities, acquiring your security deposit and other disadvantages to your eviction. For that reason, eviction proceedings can be quite important.

However, there are multiple reasons why a landlord might want to evict a tenant from the property he/she resides in.

The most common reason is the non-payment of rent. Besides that, the other reasons for an eviction could be the tenant, children, or pets (if allowed) damaging the property beyond the reasonable level of wear and tear.

Whatever the reason may be, it should be understood that eviction can’t simply be done by throwing the tenant out on the street. There are numerous procedures that need to be looked into and many rules that need to be followed. Once those proceedings have been completed, only then can proper eviction be established. Otherwise, a lawsuit might be opened up against unfair eviction.

It is essential for the landlord to complete the steps of eviction according to the law. This is because even a single mistake can delay the entire process. For that reason, an Orlando eviction attorney can be of assistance.

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