Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run accident can be described as an incident where a driver of a vehicle gets involved in an accident where a pedestrian, fixed object or another car had been hit. In this incident, the driver of the vehicle flees the scene and fails to provide his/her name, contact information, license number and other requirements by the statute after the accident. Most laws in the country require the provision of this information if they have been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident including cars, motorcycles, or even a bicycle accident. This information is also required if it didn’t involve another motor vehicle but property or a pedestrian.
An Orlando hit and run accident also occurs when a driver collides with another motor vehicle or when the other party of the vehicle is not present.

Hit and run accidents could typically occur for a number of reasons. However, these type of accidents are common among drivers who don’t possess valid car insurance. The minimum insurance requirements could be different in each state. Although, they do cover injuries, property damages, and uninsured motor protection. In most states in the United States, it is illegal to drive without car insurance. For that reason, if someone is involved in a car accident that doesn’t possess insurance; they may flee the scene in fear of getting into trouble.

While a hit and run accident can be tough to defend against, there are sometimes unique situations where the defendant doesn’t have to be held liable. A few potential cases of defenses against hit and run accident charges include:

Emergency situations.

If there is an ongoing emergency situation at the moment and the accident was caused through the defendants attempt to prevent dangers in the emergency situation, he may be excused. An example of that could be a couple rushing to the emergency room in a hospital due to a woman being actively in labor. In this situation, the defendant may be excused.

Involuntary intoxication.

Being forced or tricked into the consumption of drugs or alcohol stating involuntary intoxication can be a valid defense to an Orlando hit and run accident. An example could be a vehicle driver colliding into a telephone pole after being involuntarily roofied (given dangerous drugs) previously.

Lack of knowledge about the situation.

If an individual was unaware that he/she had caused an accident, it could be difficult for that person to be held liable for the act. The defendant needs to be aware that he/she had caused an accident or damage to claim a hit and run accident. However, the driver can be claimed negligent if he/she didn’t take the necessary precautions to avoid the damage or accident.

If you were injured or involved in a hit and run accident,

you may be wondering what the necessary steps should be to take. To be able to defend yourself against the driver involving a hit and run accident, you should contact a skilled and professional attorney. Filing for damages in a hit and run accident would typically require the professionalism and expertise of an attorney specializing in personal injury.

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