Homeowners Insurance Claim

Homeowners file home insurance claims for many reasons, including a burglary, damage from a fire or storm or if an injury occurs on their property.

Before filing a claim, you should read your insurance policy to find out what exclusions, limits and add-on provisions, like additional coverage for big-ticket personal items, may be included in your policy.

It’s also important to find out if there’s a time limit on when you can file your claim. But the most important part of making a claim is documentation.

That includes receipts and documenting who you talk to, the date, time and details of discussions. You may talk to multiple people, so documenting who you’ve spoken to and when should help your file process run much more smoothly.

It is essential for the landlord to complete the steps of Homeowners Insurance Claim according to the law. This is because even a single mistake can delay the entire process. For that reason, an Orlando specialist attorney can be of assistance. That’s where we come in.

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