Land Use

Orlando Land use and zoning is a process that involves regulating the use and development of real estate. One of the most common types of land uses is zoning. The regulations and restrictions of zoning are used by municipalities for the control and direction of the development of property within their borders.

The primary focus of zoning Orlando Land use is for the division of a municipality into a residential, commercial and industrial district. Those areas are, for the most part, separate from each other. Here the use of each property within each district would be reasonably uniform.

Within the three main types of residential, commercial and industrial districts, there might be additional restrictions that are quite detailed. This includes the following:


  • The specific requirements for the type of buildings allowed.
  • Location of utility lines.
  • The specific restrictions on accessory buildings.
  • The height and size of buildings.
  • The maximum number of rooms allowed for that particular building.

Land use regulations aren’t merely restricted to controlling existing buildings and their uses. 

In a significant part, it is established as a guide for future development. Municipalities typically following a process for planning. This ultimately results in a descriptive plan and is then put into effect by ordinances that control the zoning and regulations of development. Future developers should be able to plan their subdivisions according to the official map or plan.

Land use might seem incredibly complicated when trying to determine what the procedures are. Effective land use representation would typically require a thorough knowledge of:


  • Relevant legal approaches,
  • Intergovernmental approaches.
  • Political approaches.
  • Environmental approach.
  • Additionally, practical and result oriented approaches are also considered.

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