You should be familiar with how a lease works. To put it in simple terms, it is a contract that obligates a landlord and tenant for a period of time. It is advised for both parties to examine an Orlando Lease closely and thoroughly before signing. If there are terms that either party doesn’t agree on, there can always be a form of negotiation to change certain terms to compromise between both parties. This can be done through a pre-printed form. As a tenant who seeks a landlord, it is essential to get it in writing and gone over by the landlord.

Typically, a residential lease can span over a year. However, for a monthly Orlando lease, the tenant and the landlord can both be provided with increased flexibility.

Leases could contain provisions that prevent activities and the use of the property. A few of the following are typical limitations of an Orlando lease.

The number of people to be living on the premises can be limited.

Preventing the tenant from using the premise for a home business.

  • Prohibition of pets.
  • Prevention of sub-letting.
  • Restriction of illegal activities.

What happens at the end of a lease?

A lease may, in some cases, include an indication of what type of notice is required from the tenant to provide the landlord with before moving out. It could also indicate if proper notice isn’t provided, the lease becomes automatically renewed. The Lease contract may also include what would happen if the tenant doesn’t move out of the premise on time.

What happens if the tenant breaks the lease?

An Orlando lease sometimes contains a clause in the document stating a requirement that the tenant is required to pay a fixed amount in the event he/she breaks the lease.

Besides the agreed amount, a Lease should also contain information regarding payment, such as, when the payment is due, the deadline, and what the consequences of late payments would be for the tenant.

Other Lease provisions that should be looked for should include:

  • How and when the security deposit should be returned.
  • The individual responsible for utilities.
  • How the maintenance and repair procedures would be performed.
  • If there would be a lien on personal property for failure to pay rent or damages made by the tenant.
  • How a landlord would enter the property.

Whatever the procedure, it is essential to keep in mind

that the best option would be to acquiring an attorney specializing in Lease contracts before immersing yourself into an agreement. An experienced and professional attorney can do that for you.

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