Probate is a complicated legal process whereby the court identifies and gathers the deceased person’s (also known as the decedent) assets to resolve the deceased’s debts, and distribute the assets to heirs/beneficiaries under a will. If the deceased died without a will, the deceased is considered to be “intestate” which means that the assets and property left by the deceased will be distributed to the heirs as determined by the intestacy laws of Florida.

Assets include:

  •  Investments or bank accounts in the name of the deceased person.
    Personal Property.
  • Real estate that is registered in the name of the deceased.
    Vehicles, boats, etc.



There are different types of probate proceedings in the state of Florida, the main ones are:

Summary Administration:

  • The person passed away more than two years ago.
  • The entire value of the estate does not exceed $75,000, not including their primary residence.
  • No one will contest and all heirs/beneficiaries agree.

Full Administration:

  • Typical type of administration in Probate proceedings
  • Heirs can appoint a personal representative to act on behalf of the deceased.
  • Average of 6 to 9 months.


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