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Settlement Agent

Maybe you’ve finally reached the end of the tedious process of buying or selling a piece of real estate property. Now the only thing left to consider is the settlement of the deal. However, the settlement is normally referred to as the closing process instead of a settlement.

So let’s look at what a settlement is. The settlement can be defined as the final stage in a property buying transaction. In this scenario, the full ownership of the property will be transferred to the buyer from the seller. The funds will then be distributed to the seller (by check). During the transfer of funds, the Orlando settlement agent for the real estate transaction will then receive a check for the commission they are entitled to. The property buyer will have to issue an amount for the closing costs for the settlement Agent. This is done if the buyer hasn’t already wired the funds to the title issuing company.

When the process of settlement begins, there is a significant amount of paperwork to be done. The escrow company will prepare the documents for the closing. Once the documents are ready the only thing left would be to sign the documents. In this process, the buyers might be required to sign their names at least 10 to 30 times in the documents. However, before signing the documents, there should be thorough analysis and understanding of the terms of the document by the buyer.

There are multiple things to consider on the day of the closing/settlement. A few of the key activities that would be covered in the settlement include:

  • The buyer would be required to issue the funds necessary for the total amount owed for the purchase of the property,
  • The deed would be signed over from the seller of the property to the buyer.
  • After the documents are signed over, the ownership is then transferred to the buyer where the buyer would receive the keys to the home.
  • The title company files a new deed with the government showing the new buyer of the home is now the owner.
  • Lastly, the seller will receive the leftover funds for the closing of the process.

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This entire process can be incredibly complicated if not handled correctly, for that reason, an Orlando settlement agent would be the best choice.

An appropriate settlement agent would be present to oversee all the services for the closing to complete the real estate transaction.

An Orlando settlement attorney would be the final step to completing your entire real estate transaction successfully. Because of the vitality of this process, it is essential to choose the right Orlando Settlement agent for your transaction. If you’re looking for an experienced and committed Orlando settlement agent to take care of your closing, contact the Gretchen Ortiz Law Firm. Our attorneys are determined, skilled, and experienced in all real estate transactions relevant to your case. We guarantee the best services to make sure you receive the best results.

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