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Maybe you’re readily up to date on your car insurance and health insurance, but have you considered your title insurance? During a real estate purchase, title insurance is a must to consider.

For most people trying to purchase a house, title insurance is normally something they entrust to the person most convenient to do the job. However, they fail to realize that title insurance is one of the most essential parts of completing the real estate purchase process.

For that reason, it should be handled by a professional and experienced Orlando Title agent.

So what exactly is title insurance?

When purchasing a home, an individual buys the rights to that property’s title. The title is the legal statement of ownership providing the complete and full rights of property ownership and use. An efficient title provides buyers with the legal ability to modify and reconstruct the home and finance it as required. If a title isn’t provided in a clear way (if it is defective or blocked), ownership cannot legally be achieved.

Title insurance provides the ability to be protected against the potential defects of a title, before and after the purchase of the real estate property. Your Orlando title agent/attorney would be able to go through property records to make sure no problems exist within the client’s title. The most common issues found in a title are clerical errors, or undisclosed heirs or liens. The title insurance would also be able to compensate buyers for any losses made on equity in the instance someone tries to challenge them with their title stating or proving the purchase was made through an illegitimate title.

Your Orlando title agent should be experienced, professional, and of great assistance for your home purchase. The right agent would be able to handle any title insurance needs that you may come across while being able to protect your most valuable investment.

An Orlando title agent requires a specific professionalism and qualification

 to serve clients with the best services for guaranteeing a valid title. The required certification qualifications of your title agent should be:


  • Years of experience.
  • Recommendations from judiciary and attorneys who know the real estate field.
  • Rigorous testing.
  • The highest possible levels of continuing legal education.

To establish a proper title, the best solutions should be implemented. This means that extensive experience in solving a variety of issues including the practices of law would be a plus point. With that advantage in hand, any issue that may arise during a title search can be handled with the legal precision and accuracy required.

It would be obstructive to hire an Orlando title agent who is only partially qualified and capable. You can be guaranteed with the maximum value by investing your money on a real estate attorney specializing in title agency.

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