Developing a trademark for your brand prevents the name/logo of your company or product from being used by others. The last thing you want is a third party taking advantage of your hard work and ultimately confusing your clients.

Trademark registration law provides the exclusive right to use words, phrases, logos, designs, or a combination of these to distinguish the products, services of one company from another. In our experience, trademarks are valuable assets of a company, and their value increases as the products or services they represent gain brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

We highly recommend that before launching a new business, product, or service, you consider conducting a comprehensive brand search and obtain proper authorization for your brand. Sadly, it is not uncommon for a new company to spend a considerable amount of time and money promoting a new product only to find out that it was already developed by another company.


The trademark registration process includes:

  • Application Process
  • Registering a logo
  • Registering a name

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