The last will and testament is a legal document, which must be drafted according to the formalities required by Florida law. In the state of Florida, the will is executed by a testator (must be at least 18 years old) to ensure that your personal property, finances, real estate, and other belongings are properly distributed to the beneficiaries of your choice. This document gives the testator the ability to protect their spouse, children, friends, and other family members. They can also choose to donate a portion of their estate to any charity or organization of choice.

Although it is not required to create a will, when a person dies without one, Florida state laws will determine how the assets are distributed. However, these laws may not always coincide with the wishes of the deceased, which is why we recommend that you create a will.



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One of the main benefits of establishing a will is that it allows the testator to choose a personal representative to take care of the remaining obligations (executor). This person is responsible for carrying out the wishes contained in the will, as long as that person is eligible. 

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